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Write a java program or function to replace specific string in text file. Your program should take one text file as input and replace a specific string in that text file with new string. Step 1: Create a File object by passing the path of the file to be modified. File fileToBeModified new FileRead file until you find the string you want to replace. Read into memory the part after text you want to replace, all of it. Truncate the file at start of the part you want to replace. Write replacement. Write rest of the file from step 2. If replacement is of same length: Read file until you find the string you want to replace. java find and replace text file

Java find and replace text. Ask Question 0. Hi i'm working on an android app and this is my problem. I have a text file that is maybe 100 lines long it differs from phone to phone but lets say a section is like this. busybox sed i 'sline 3. line 3 70g' pathtofile. Java.

Replace string in file. Ask Question 23. 4. I'm looking for a way to replace a string in a file without reading the whole file into memory. Normally I would use a Reader and Writer, i. e. something like the following: Java Load file, replace string, save. 0. Replacing all letters and equal signs with a space. 1. Can Scanner be used to I am trying to find and replace certain words in a text file using java. My code works to an extent however the output I am getting is wrong. I need to replace multiple words from a line in a text file with user input however when I run my code the line copies itself once for every word I am trying to find and replace text file Java best way for string find and replace? Ask Question 27. 6. I'm looking for the best approach for string find and replace in Java. This is a sentence: My name is Milan, people know me as Milan Vasic . I want to replace the string Milan with Milan Vasic, but on place where I have already Milan Vasic, that shouldn't be a case.

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Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have Meta Discuss the workings and policies of this site java find and replace text file Read a File and Replace a String from a JAVA Program. This Java sample program shows illustrates two things. 1. How to replace a string with another string. 2. How to read from a file and write to a File from Java. Read files and replace Strings. Adrian Burke. Greenhorn Posts: 11. posted 7 years ago. Hi Start with this section of the Java tutorials. Remember for text you will want a FileReader and a BufferedReader, and a FileWriter and a BufferedWriter. Of course, if you find the Scanner and Formatter classes, you can point them at text files, and Find and Replace file content. Below example demonstrate how to find and replace file content using Java 8 Stream API. Files. lines(path) Read all lines from a file as a Stream. line bar ) Replace each occurrence of foo word with bar word in the stream. Files. write() Write lines of text to a file. Characters The Find and Replace menu is a useful way to search for specific text in your files, and replace it, if you so choose. To launch the FindReplace tab, either use the keyboard shortcut CtrlF or choose Edit, Find and Replace from the menu at the top of the DrJava window.

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