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implant to the bone; fracture of the implant components. If a separate surgical procedure is necessary to remove a failed implant or if a replacement is necessary due to changed prosthetic requirements, an additional fee may be charged. DENTAL IMPLANT CONSENT FORM Created Date:consent to implant placement and anesthesia, and all my questions, if any, have been fully answered. i have had the opportunity to take this document home and review it before signing it. i understand and agree that my initial o n each page, along with my signature below, establishes that i have given my informed consent to proceed with treatment. implant placement consent form

Dental Implant Consent Form Patient Name Dental Office Date I have been fully informed of the nature of implants and implant surgery, therapeutic risks, and treatment alternatives to dental implants, and I hereby consent to their surgical placement in my jaws (mouth). I agree to maintain these implants as prescribed by my dentist.

Consent Form for Implant Surgery and Anesthesia Instruction to Patient: necessary to accomplish the placement of the implant (s) either on, in, or through the bone, and I document and I have given my consent to proceed with implant treatment and related Consent for Dental Implant Placement After a careful oral examination and study of my dental condition, my periodontist has advised me that one or more of my missing teeth may be replaced with artificial teeth supported by a dental implant. I understand that the procedure for placement of a dentalimplant placement consent form Implant Placement Information and Consent Form. 1. I have been informed and I understand the purpose and the nature of the implant surgery procedure. I understand what is necessary to accomplish the placement of the implant under the gum and in the bone. 2. My doctor has carefully examined my mouth. Alternatives to this treatment have been

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