How to place sentry wards dota 2

2020-03-29 00:38

There are two types of wards in Dota 2. At the left side is observer ward and the right side is sentry ward. Observer ward is used to give a small vision in your map while sentry ward is used to detect any invisble units or heroes. The red circle in the map above show the common spot for placing wards.The Observer and Sentry Wards, also known as the Ward Dispenser is a stacked item formed in the inventory from Observer Wards and Sentry Wards. how to place sentry wards dota 2

With heroes like Bounty Hunter, Weaver, Broodmother and Sand King you'll want to pick up some sentry wards early so they can't use invisibility to avoid being killed in lane.

Note: Place it towards the left of the white insignia Valve put on there to gain direct vision of the small camp, not directly on the insignia. 15) Radiant uber ward Gives vision of large camp, and any plays being set from the Radiant while the Dire is pushing either the middle or bottom tier 2 tower. A basic guide to warding in Dota 2. Knowing where to place your wards and dewarding the enemies' wards are common tactics that players, particularly those that play support, should know. That does not mean that wards are relegated solely to the support role, as mid and offlaners should themselves use wards to set up ambushes and to block enemy jungle to place sentry wards dota 2

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How to place sentry wards dota 2 free

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