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I know that you can import custom icons in the Google Earth application so I was wondering if it is possible in a standalone app. Here is some code so you can get an idea of what I'm doing.Is it possible to allow a user to browse a Google Earth, and decide to add a placemark? I am using Google Earth API. For example, if the user puts the mouse on a google earth api custom placemark

Google Earth: The Basics of Creating Placemarks. Open up Google Earth, turn on the Layers section, and youll find placemarkers all over the world, provided by Google and their content partners. This is a great idea for building custom projects or when you just dont find what you need in the collection Google

A Point Placemark is the only way to draw an icon and label in the 3D Viewer of Google Earth. By default, the icon is the familiar yellow pushpin. In KML, a can contain one or more geometry elements, such as a LineString, Polygon, or Model. But only a with a Point can have an icon and label. Placemarks in Google Earth. If placing in an area with 3D buildings, the Placemark may be placed on the side or top of a building. You can force a pin to be on the ground by going to the 'Properties' ('Get info' on a Mac) and adjusting the Altitude tab to 'Clamped to Ground This won't effect the cameragoogle earth api custom placemark Open Google Earth. Rightclick the placemark you want to customize. Click Properties (Windows, Linux) or Get Info (Mac). At the top right of the Edit Placemark or Edit Folder window, click the icon. Choose Add Custom Icon. In the field next to Icon location, add

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Apr 20, 2012 I want to print a list containing the name and description for each of the placemarks I have entered on Google Earth. When I use the print option under File, it creates a huge file which contains a map. I want only a word list containing the name and description attached to each placemark. I want to use it as an itinerary for a trip. google earth api custom placemark Google Earth API fails to load placemark with custom icon. At one point I was able to load custom placemark icons into the Google Earth JavaScript API; however, sometime in the last few months, something has changed. If I add a marker in the google domain it seems to work but if I use another icon from the internet it fails. I followed Jun 01, 2007 Re: KML Custom Icon question: Econym [Maps API Guru 6107 1: 53 PM: The id attribute usually goes in the tag, not the tag Applications like Google Earth can load the image and obtain the size information, but you can't easily do that in a browser. WOW Google Maps. Custom placemarks can be created for the Google Maps plugin. The first step to creating the custom placemarks is to find or create custom images to be used for the placemarks. Once the custom images have been assembled, they need to be placed somewhere in your file system that is accessible by WOW,

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