25 most abandoned places

2020-03-29 18:15

These places are like windows through time that frame views to a foreign place and even a foreign life. Take this journey with us through the ghost of time as we share with you this collection of 25 stunning pictures of abandoned places.25 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World. by ViralPlanet August 22, 2016. Craco, Italy. SaintNicolas. Macedonia. Abandoned Chinese Village, Gougi Island. This castle is known as noisy Castel. This located in Namur, Belgium. 25 most abandoned places

From battlefields to prisons, here are 25 bone chilling abandoned places. Subscribe to List25. 25. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky. 25 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places You Wont Believe Exist. 0 Shares. in Geography& Travel. 25 Scariest Places On Earth Few Are Brave Enough To Visit. 0 Shares.

From Waverly Hills Sanatorium to the Land of Oz theme park, some of these eerie spots are majestic, while others are downright terrifying. Here are the 25 creepiest abandoned places How can the answer be improved?25 most abandoned places

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