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2020-04-03 11:43

The windiest place on earth is generally regarded as Antarctica. Specifically, it is Dennison Bay on the coast where wind reaches 200 mph.Judging which is the worlds windiest city is tricky, as no global database for cities exists and measurement techniques are not standardised. Other contenders include Rio Gallegos and Punta Arenas in Argentina and Chiles windswept southern Patagonia. St Johns in Canada is north Americas windiest city, averaging between 13 and 15mph. windiest place in europe

The U. K. is commonly called the windiest country in Europe. Some in Scotland say that their nation alone should hold the distinction because it's windier than the other members of the United Kingdom.

Oct 12, 2011 Scotland has been named as the windiest country in Europe after a row over an advert for ice cream. On its website, Mackies the ice cream makers boasted about using wind turbines to power their factory in Aberdeenshire. They claimed they were based in the windiest spot in Europe but someone dismissed it as hot air. Feb 04, 2012 European Championships of the Wind In a research from the German magazine Kiteboarding powered by windfinder. com, the windiest place on the European continent was crowned.windiest place in europe

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